Question: Is your followers refill supported?

Yes, our followers refill is supported, but with certain conditions based on the services we offer.

Question: How does your refill policy work?

We provide different types of refill support for our services. For instance, we offer lifetime guaranteed followers, ensuring that your follower count remains consistent. Additionally, we have 15-30 days refill supported services. However, it's important to note that after this time period, we may not be obligated to process a refill.

Question: What's the reason behind drops in follower counts?

Drops in follower counts can occur due to various factors. Social media platforms periodically remove inactive accounts from their servers, which can lead to a decrease in followers. Algorithm changes within these platforms can also result in fluctuations in follower counts. It's a global issue affecting users worldwide, and it's important to understand that some variability in follower numbers is to be expected.

Question: How do you address the issue of drops in followers?

Our service includes support for refills to tackle the challenges of drops in followers. We understand that these fluctuations can be frustrating, which is why we offer refills as a solution to maintain the desired follower count. While we cannot eliminate drops entirely, we're committed to helping you address the issue and maintain your online presence.

Question: Why do drops occur despite your refill support?

Social media platforms continuously work against artificially purchased engagement. As a result, some drops may still occur despite our refill support. It's essential to be aware of this ongoing challenge and to manage your expectations accordingly. We encourage you to review our terms and policies to better understand the nature of these fluctuations.

Question: How can I trust your refill services?

We genuinely value your trust and satisfaction. Our refill-supported services are designed to address the inherent challenges of follower drops on social media platforms. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients and continuously strive to meet your expectations. Your requests and feedback are important to us, and we're always here to listen and assist you.

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